Huno Krima

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Huno Krima
Full name Huno Krima
Occupation Field hand, corveé laborer, general, king
Affiliation Cocru, The Rebellion

Huno Krima is a peasant from Cocru, who, along with Zopa Shigin, instigated the rebellion against Emperor Erishi. Krima and Shigin both both worked as field hands in the village Kiesa, Cocru, before they were conscripted as corvée laborers for the Xana empire.

Appearance and Character

Huno Krima is thin, tall, and bald. His skin is tan from working in the fields of Cocru.

In The Grace of Kings

Spoilers may be present.

Huno Krima is conscripted as a corvée laborer to work on a palace for Emperor Erishi, and to extend Emperor Mapidéré's mausoleum. He and Zopa Shigin are made cocaptains of the corvée team. When it becomes apparent that the team will not reach Pan in time to avoid severe punishment, Huno Krima stops the team for a last meal at an inn, where they discover a prophesy in the belly of a butchered fish: "Huno Krima Will Be King" (Chapter 6)