Kana and Rapa

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Kana and Rapa are twin goddesses of Dara. Together, they are the patron gods of Cocru. Kana is the goddess of fire, ash, cremation and death. Rapa is the goddess of ice, snow, glaciers, and sleep. Their pawi are twin ravens, black and white respectively. Kana and Rapa's geomorphic manifestations are Mt. Kana and Mt. Rapa, which lie near the center of the Big Island, near the northern edge of Cocru.

In The Grace of Kings

Spoilers may be present..

Kana and Rapa appear in a vision before the dying Emperor Mapidéré, along with the other six gods of Dara. (Chapter 5) Kana reprimands Mapidéré, warning him that "Even if Cocru lives on only the in the heart of one man, it will bring about the fall of Xana." Rapa takes a cooler tone, but still gently reminds Kiji of the gods' pact to not interfere directly in the affairs of mortals.

Religion and Mythology