Kindo Marana

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Kindo Marana
Full name Kindo Marana
Occupation Treasurer; Marshal; General
Affiliation The Empire; Rui

Kindo Marana is a bureaucrat from Xana. Under the rule of Emperor Erishi, and the regency of Lügo Crupo, Marana was elevated to Marshal of Xana and lead the imperial effort to quash the rebellion.

Appearance and Character

Kindo Marana is a small, pale man. He has a quantitative, methodical mind, which allowed him to rise high in the imperial bureaucracy. As a military commander and strategist, Marana's methodicalness and economic mindset allow him to allot resources efficiently, think unconventionally, and ultimately succeed militarily in surprising ways.

In The Grace of Kings

Spoilers may be present.

Kindo Marana is elevated to Marshal of Xana by the regent Lügo Crupo, because Crupo is tired of Marana nagging him as the imperial Minister of the Treasury. (Chapter 10) However, Marana takes up the role with a sense of duty, and shows a surprising aptitude for command. (Chapter 13)