Mün Çakri

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Mün Çakri
Full name Mün Çakri
Gender Male
Occupation Butcher, Infantry commander, First general of the Infantry
Affiliation Cocru
Title Commander, Marquess
Spouse(s) Naro Hun
Children Cacaya

Appearance and Character

He is depicted as a big bearded man, strong, kind-hearted and often involved in brute force trials.

In The Grace of Kings

Mün Çakri is a butcher of Zudi that often went to drink with Kuni Garu. He is used by the mayor of Zudi to deliver a message to Kuni Garu and after the riots depose the mayor of Zudi and proclaim Kuni Garu as the Duke of Zudi, he joins Kuni Garu and his friends and takes care of training the villagers. He continues by his side as commander of the infantry and later on as First general of the Infantry.