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Hello, my name is Aaron, I am the admin.
I started this wiki ~2 years ago because this book series is great, and there's a lot of stuff to remember. Please add to it!
Unlike a "wikifarm" site like fanwiki, we have complete control over this website, and as the series gets more popular we'll have the flexibility to add moderators and format things in ways that those other sites don't allow.
"Policing" a wiki, i.e. keeping spambots and vandals from ruining our work is also very difficult, and full server access helps with that. If you notice spammy content or accounts, please try to let me know.
Contacting me/me contacting you--Adding an email address to your profile lets me email you directly (it's not public). You can also reach out to me on this page's talk/discussion, I just might not see it immediately.
Finally, a note on ads--since the genesis of Dandelion Wiki, there have been no ads. The wiki is a work-in-progress, and a group effort. One person cannot build a complete wiki like this on their own, and currently traffic is about 5000 unique visitors a month. This isn't enough people to create the awesome (and EXHAUSTIVE) wiki that we would like to, and it's not enough traffic to support the site financially. As the series grows in popularity, this will change. The wiki will gain editors and traffic and I will try to figure out how to make the site pay for itself using ads. Domain and hosting fees add up--right now I think of this as a hobby I don't mind spending money on :) but it would be nice if I could save those few 100 bucks a year. Bear in mind, a website like this will never make anyone rich, it's for the fans! So if you see ads on the site in the future, please know that it's going toward hosting fees, not lining some stranger's pockets. I am also going to try to make it so that registered users don't see ads.