Jia Matiza

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Jia Matiza
Full name Jia Matiza
Aliases Lady Jia, Empress of Dara
Occupation Herbalist
Affiliation Zudi, Cocru, The Rebellion
Family Gilo Matiza (Father), Lu Matiza (Mother)
Spouse(s) Kuni Garu
Children Timu (Son), Théra (Daughter)
Nationality Faça

Jia Matiza is a skilled herbalist, the daughter of a wealthy rancher from Faça, and the wife of Kuni Garu.

Appearance and Character

Jia is described as pale-skinned, with curly red hair and dark green eyes shaped like the body of a dyran. She is capable and wise, acting as one of Kuni's closest advisors and confidantes, and stands by her convictions even at great personal cost.

In The Grace of Kings

Spoilers may be present.