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All life is an experiment. Who can plan so far ahead? I just promise myself to do the most interesting thing every time there's an opportunity. If I can stick to that promise most of the time, I'm sure in ten years I won't have any regrets.
— Kuni Garu, The Grace of Kings, Chapter 4

Kuni Garu (Emperor Ragin)
Full name Kuni Garu
Occupation Administrator, Duke
Affiliation Zudi, Cocru, The Rebellion
Title Duke of Zudi, Emperor Ragin
Family Féso Garu (Father), Naré Garu (Mother), Kado Garu (Brother)
Spouse(s) Jia Matiza, Consort Risana, Consort Fina
Children with Jia: Prince Timu, Princess Théra;
with Risana: Prince Phyro
with Fina: Princess Fara
Nationality Cocru

Kuni Garu is a low-born citizen of Zudi, Cocru. In his youth, Kuni was known as a gangster and a layabout, but was liked well enough by the people of Zudi. He met and fell in love with Jia Matiza in the 21st year of The Reign of One Bright Heaven, and procured respectable employment with the Empire as an administrator, so that he and Jia could marry.

Appearance and Character

Kuni Garu is of stocky build, and just under 6' tall. Kuni has a keen wit, and often produces unorthodox solutions to problems confronting him.

In The Grace of Kings

Spoilers may be present.

Kuni's first appearance in The Grace Of Kings is at the Imperial Procession of Emperor Mapidéré. At fourteen years old, he and his friend Rin Coda escape their lessons to watch the parade, only to be caught up in an assassination attempt against the emperor.

Seven years later, Kuni has left his parents' home and lives the life of a gangster in the town of Zudi. Unemployed and homeless, he spends his time at taverns and indigo houses with his friends, though he barely has enough money for food. Even so, he proves to be a charismatic and popular figure; he uses his charm and connections to attract customers to his favourite bars, and outwits corrupted administrators to rescue the poor from extortion. A widow that Kuni saves remarks that though Kuni may act like a fool, he has a good heart.

Kuni is talking with his friends when Cogo Yelu says that there is going to be a meeting with some of the more respected people in the city and that Kuni could get a job there. Cogo says that he could come in as a poor person and sit as the beggars table but Kuni says that he would not come in that way leaving the way he will come in a mystery. On the day of the party Kuni walks up to the gatekeeper and says that he is a young lord, the same as which he told the corvee administrator a few weeks before. A young lady says that he can't be the lord as she saw him pass through a few minutes ago. Kuni says that it must have been his "brother" who has the exact same name as him but the young lady just laughs and says that he is interesting so he can sit with her. Her name is Jia Matiza.

Kuni and Jia keep on seeing each other. Jia is impressed by Kuni's liberal translations of the old sages sayings. Jia shows him some herb-lore and introduces him to the dandelion which can survive in almost any circumstance. Jia refuses more suitors and finally agrees to marry Kuni. They get married and Kuni gets a job working for the government. etc.

In The Wall of Storms

Spoilers may be present.