Mata Zyndu

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Mata Zyndu
Full name Mata Zyndu
Aliases General Zyndu, The Hegemon
Occupation The Marshal of Cocru
Affiliation Cocru, The Rebellion
Family Phin Zyndu (Uncle), Soto Zyndu (Aunt)

Mata Zyndu is the grandson of Dazu Zyndu, and the nephew of Phin Zyndu. He was raised by Phin Zyndu, and the two are the last know survivors of the Zyndu clan after the Xana Conquest.

Appearance and Character

Mata Zyndu is a giant of a man, and an unparalleled fighter. At the age of 25, he stands over 8' tall with double pupils. He is frequently compared to legendary heroes of the past and to Fithowéo, the god of war. Mata has a strong sense of justice and honor, likely due to his upbringing by Phin Zyndu, whose single-minded focus in life is to restore the Zyndu clan to prominence and exact revenge on Xana.

In The Grace of Kings

Spoilers may be present.

In Mata's childhood his uncle takes care of him after his parents die. To train him, his uncle tells him to carry a sheep some distance every day. As the sheep grows heavier and Mata grow older he grows stronger. His uncle wants to train him to be a warrior and so shows no kindness to his nephew.etc.