The Grace of Kings

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Cover art for The Grace of Kings

The Grace of Kings is the first novel in Ken Liu's series, The Dandelion Dynasty. The Grace of Kings begins in the fourteenth year of The Reign of One Bright Heaven, which marks the fourteenth year since the Xana Conquest. History from the past several decades is described to some degree as well, and much older mythological history is alluded to as well.



Spoilers are present.

Fourteen years after Xana conquered the other six Dara states Kuni Garu and Mata Zyndu grow up. They first fight together at Zudi and from there they begin to fight a war that covers all the islands of Dara. After one of Kuni's advisers disobeys Kuni's order to tell his friend Mata about a victory, Mata thinks Kuni is not a friend anymore. Mata gains control of all the islands and "banishes" Kuni to Dasu, a far away island. Kuni builds a army and begins to conquer the rest of the islands until Mata and him are at a stalemate. They sign a peace treaty but Kuni disobeys it and conquers Mata once for all.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter summaries do not spoil future chapters.

Chapter 1: An Assassin

Zudi: The Seventh Month of the Fourteenth Year of the Reign of One Bright Heaven

The Emperor Mapidéré is on a tour of the islands and is now in Zudi. All the civilians watch as dancers and sword swingers and airships accompany the magnificent Throne Pagoda. Kuni Garu and his friend Rin Coda shove through the crowd. Kuni has to persuade Rin to follow because he wants to turn back and not face the wrath of their teacher. On the Throne Pagoda the emperor watches a bird fly closer. As the emperor reflects on his eight month tour as the bird approaches. Once the bird is close, is turns out to be a huge kite, with a man dangling underneath. When it is only a few hundred yards away the rider shouts “Death to Xana and Mapidéré! Long live the great Haan!” and shoots a fireball at the Emperor. The Captain of the Imperial Guards shoves the Emperor of his throne as the fireball explodes it. The archers try to shoot at the kite but it ends up falling on the crowd. The crowd clears out as Kuni watches the fight. Kuni grabs a shield and protects himself and Rin from a arrow. The rider escapes to nearby Zudi and hides in the city. The Emperor orders a search for the man.

Chapter 2: Mata Zyndu

Farun in the Tunoa Islands: The Ninth Month of the Fourteenth Year of the Reign of One Bright Heaven

Two months later, Mata Zyndu watches the same parade in the Tunoa Islands with his uncle. Since he is so tall with double pupils, everyone stays away from him and nobody guesses that he is only fourteen. This time the emperor is prepared for a attack with guards surrounding him. Mata realizes that the Emperor is afraid and thinks back when the Emperor was a young man and how his ancestors fought. His great uncle grew strong by carrying a calf back and forth to pasture and the house to be weighed every day. After a year, Dazu Zyndu was very strong and when he went into the army, none could match him. Through his strategy he held at bay the Xana Empire for a long time even though he has less men. The King of Cocru eventually grew impatient about Dazu’s tactics and ordered him to engage in battle with the Xana great general, Gotha Tonyeti. There Tonyeti tricked Dazu and ambushed him resulting in all his men becoming prisoners. All the Zyndu’s with three degrees of relation was put to death. One of his sons was flayed, his daughter, Soto set fire to herself so she would not be tortured, but the youngest son, Phin Zyndu escaped with Mata, his nephew. He then trained Mata to be a warrior and to be strong. As the parade leaves, Mata believes that it is his destiny to restore order to Dara.

Chapter 3: Kuni Garu

Seven Years Later. Zudi: The Fifth Month of the Twenty-First Year of the Reign of One Bright Heaven

Kuni was brilliant as a young child but as he grew older he grew more trouble. He eventually got kicked out of Master Loing’s class with Rin and so he ran around on the streets. Kuni’s brother, Kado Garu, had become a merchant in women's dresses and so hired Kuni as a clerk. After Kuni invented a scheme to have models for the dresses from disrespectful places, Kado had to fire him. When Kuni kept on coming home drunk his father chased him out of his house. After a similar incident in his brother's house he decided to live on the streets. Kuni wanders about the streets and sees a corvee administer talking to a pleading woman. The woman wants to keep her youngest son out of having to work on the mausoleum for Emperor Mapidéré but the soldier is taking her son away. He says that she can either pay a tax or have her son taken away. Kuni saunters up and says that he is “Fin Crukedori” and that he will pay for this woman. He gives the man a note to redeem at the Crukedori’s place for twenty-five silver pieces. He walks away with the administrator to get a beer. The old woman says that “Young man, you may act lazy and foolish, but I have seen your heart. A bright and tenacious flower will not bloom in obscurity.” Kuni did not hear her but somebody else does; a young woman in a palanquin had heard it and watched the whole scene.

Chapter 4: Jia Matiza

Zudi: The Fifth Month of the Twenty-First Year of the Reign of One Bright Heaven

Kuni is back at The Splendid Urn and his friends are with him. Kuni is debating with his friends whether he will get a job or not. He says that he is looking for the right opportunity. Cogo Yelu says that the mayor is throwing a party and some important people will be there. He says that there might be some people who would offer Kuni a job. When he says that Kuni will have to come with the beggars Kuni says that he will not do that, he will come in as a guest. Kuni shows up at the party and says that his name is Fin Crukedori, and that he has a gift for the mayor. A young woman says that Fin Crukedori went in a hour ago, Kuni then says that he is “Phin” Crukedori which is a different person with the same pronunciation. The young lady says that her name is Jia Matiza and he interests her so he can come in with her. She also confesses that she watched hiim when he saved the old woman from having to give up her son. A few days later Jia is in a room with her mother, a matchmaker, and a potential suitor. Jia refuses a few suitors and spends more time with Kuni. He shows her the the other side of the city and she shows him the basics of herbal things. Kuni and Jia soon marry and Kuni gets a job as a administrator.

Chapter 5: The Death of the Emperor

Ecofi Island: the Tenth Month of the Twenty-Third Year of the Reign of One Bright Heaven

Emperor Mapidere is suffering and realizes that he is near death. He thinks back on all the swindlers who say that they can give him eternal health and none of them have worked. He tries a new brew which numbs the pain and puts the emperor to sleep. In his sleep, he dreams that he is in Pan, the Immaculate City in Kiji Square with colossal statues of the gods around him. As Mapidéré pays his respects to the gods, they come alive and start arguing with each other. Some of them, support the Xana empire while some of them are opposed to it. After paying his respects to all the gods the dream vanishes and Mapidéré awakes. He thinks back on his battles that helped the rise of the Xana empire and how they harnessed the lift gas to fly. The emperor asks to see the crown prince but his two scheming ministers do not allow it and send a letter to the crown prince while the emperor dreams of all the changes that Dara has to go through to become a perfect world. When the letter arrives where the crown prince is, it shows that he is stripped of his titles and has to commit suicide. The crown prince commits suicide and the emperor dies a few days later.

Pan: The Eleventh Month in the Twenty-Third Year of the Reign of One Bright Heaven

The younger brother of the crown prince, a boy of twelve, ascends the throne under the name of Emperor Erishi. One of the scheming ministers, Lugo Crupo decides to get rid of people that might associate him with the ascension of Erishito the throne. He brings in a stag from the imperial zoo and says that it is a horse. The ministers and generals who were more clever started praising the “horse” the ones who did not, were soon executed for their disloyalty.

Chapter 6: Corvée

Kiesa: The Eighth Month in the Third Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Huno Krima and Zopa Shigin are co-captains of a Corvee team. Their job is to get the laborers to the Mausoleum of Emperor Mapidere. If they are late by a day they will lose a ear, if they are late by two days they will lose a eye, if they are late more than that they will die and their families will be put to work. After a few days they realize that they will not make and get mutilated or worse. They pool their money and buy some fish and wine. As Dafiro Miro and Ratho Miro cut up the fish they find a scroll in it that says "Huno Krima Will Be King." The corvee team revolts and kills the soldiers who were with them. They then free other laborers and prisoners in the city of Napi. After that they send couriers to all corners of Dara calling nobles of the states to join in the rebellion.

Chapter 7: Mata's Valor

Farun, in the Tunoa Islands: The Ninth Month in the Third Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Datun Zatoma invites Phin Zyndu and Mata Zyndu to the ancestral castle of the Zyndu's. Phin goes into a room to talk with Datun. Datun says that he wants Phin and Mata to lead a army against the rebellion in Cocru. Phin has Mata come into the room and Mata kills Zatoma. Mata looks over the weapons rack and chooses Na-aroenna and a club, which he names Goremaw. They then go on to kill the rest of the garrison in the castle. As word spreads of the defeat of 200 men by 2 men people begin arriving at the Zyndu castle volunteering to fight for Cocru.

Chapter 8: Kuni's Choice

Outside Zudi: The Ninth Month in the Third Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Kuni Garu is escorting a group of prisoners to Pan. One night he goes to sleep and when he wakes up 3/4th's of the prisoners are gone. Realizing that he can not continue his march he decides to become a bandit with the other men. They become wealthy and Kuni sends for Jia Matiza to come to him. The mayor of nearby Zudi asks for Kuni to come and talk to him about what he should do in the rebellion. Once Kuni arrives, the gate is shut, but the civilians revolt and Kuni is welcomed in and granted the title of Duke.

Chapter 9: Emperor Erishi

Pan: The Eleventh Month in the Third Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Emperor Erishi and Goran Pira are playing in the palace. They do childish things and dismiss everything that comes to them by saying "Go talk to the regent." Emperor Erishi is not concerned at all by the people in his kingdom.

Chapter 10: The Regent

Pan: The Eleventh Month in the Third Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Lügo Crupo is bored with his job. When Goran Pira asked Crupo to be the regent, Crupo thought it was a good idea. He envisioned himself creating a new system of law and build Dara again. When he actually assumes the position he realizes that it is boring and all he does is hear complaints all day.

He was born in Cocru but was captured by bandits after his parents died. He was brought to Haan and became Gi Anji's student. But even after he studied hard and proved himself a good student, Tan Féüji was still better. He then decided that he should defect to Xana where he would be welcome. Later in his life, Cocru falls and Tan Féüji is captured. Crupo visits his fellow student that night and then kills him, saying "I am no longer second best."

Crupo returns to the present and all the work he is doing. He realizes that he needs to talk with Kindo Marana and so summons him at once.

Chapter 11: The Chatelain

Pan: The Eleventh Month in the Third Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Goran Pira is also discontent with his job. He remembers when the Chatelain was treated with respect and treated as one of the nobility. He had grew up with Réon and they had played together. Whenever they got caught he would take the blame and get punished. Their friendship survived Reon's ascension to emperor and he became the Chatelain like his father before him. But when he falls in love with one of Mapidere's "wives" Mapidere finds out and kills her and her baby. Pira watches and makes a silent vow to avenge her and bring down the house of Xana.

Chapter 12: The Rebellion Grows

The Big Island: The Third Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

A force of twenty-thousand men joined Huno Krima and Zopa Shigin's Crusade. King Thufi, the rightful heir of the Cocru Throne, once a shepherd, is now restored to his actual throne. A man named Shilué, the last grandchild of the last King of Faça claims the throne and gathers ten-thousand troops. King Dalo arises in Gan. Amu reestablishes itself and Rima starts claiming territory. Haan is the only one of the Six States that remains under complete Xana control, but it's king, King Cosugi, becomes a guest of King Thufi. Thufi invites the rulers of the Six States to join him in a council of war at Ćaruza.

Chapter 13: Kindo Marana

The Big Island: The Third Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

When Kindo Marana gets promoted to the Marshal of Xana he is unsure of what to do. He begins with an inventory with what he has to work with. The rebels control all but a small slice of the big island. Haan is still under imperial occupation but it is cut off from his command and so it couldn't supply any troops. The rest of the empire is ready to riot at any provocation. Only a few of the airships that were once a symbol of Xana's might were left. The navy is in a state of disrepair and morale is abysmal. Marana decides that the liability of the corvee laborers ready to revolt can be turned to an asset. He will go back to the homeland of Xana, Rui and Dasu to raise a army along with corvee laborers.

Meanwhile, Huno Krima and Zopa Shigin's army is sweeping across Dara. Soldiers are not required to do anything. They can march as slow as they want, dress however they like, and take whatever they want. Phin Zyndu and Mata Zyndu wait for King Thufi to come to them but when he doesn't come they sail from Tunoa to the big island. Mata decides that he wants to talk with Krima and Shigin and so rides off to find them.

Huno Krima and Zopa Shigin decide that they don't want to be Duke's, they want to be Kings. Krima declares himself the King Of West Cocru. When King Thufi hears the news he sadly accepts it. He realizes that he can't do anything about it. During the banquet, one of the officers wondered where Zopa Shigin was. When he receives no answer he pursues his query until the King hears him. Krima signals to his guards to shoot the man. After that no one asked about Zopa Shigin again.

Later at the banquet, Mata stands up and says to the king: "I am Mata Zyndu, I had come to study Huno Krima and Zopa Shigin, the heroes of the rebellion. But all I see is a monkey dressed up like a man. You're no different from any of the fools Mapidere had elevated above their station. Neither Imperial fiat nor popular acclaim can make a ant into an elephant. A man can never fulfill a role he is not born for." Huno Krima immediately signalled to his guards to shoot Mata but Mata narrowly escapes. When he escapes he takes a giant horse that was tied to a statue with him. He names the horse Réfiroa, The Well Matched.

Chapter 14: Kuni, the Administrator

The Big Island: The Third Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Kuni Garu likes being the Duke of Zudi but Zudi is having financial problems. When his old friend Cogo Yelu gives him advice, he happily accepts it. Cogo's play is this: to set up a "lottery" which the people get tickets for every time they spend a silver coin. The vendors and business owners have to buy the tickets from the government. This prevents the vendors and business owners cheating on their taxes.

Chapter 15: The King of Rima

A Hamlet, Rui and Na Thion, The Big Island: The Third Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Tanno Namen is at his house in Rui, when Kindo Marana arives. Namen is content to live the rest of his life in his estate by the sea, but Marana wants him to fight for Xana again. Marana convinces Namen to fight again by telling him the things that the rebels say about Xana. When Tanno Namen reaches Pan he realizes that Rima is weak. Namen sends three-thousand soldiers into Rima and they soon surround the capital, Na Thion. King Jizu was a oyster-man on the shores of the Zathin Gulf when he was taken to the capital and pronounced. When Na Thion is surrounded, Jizu doesn't know what to do. King Jizu decides to go and parley with Xana. He and Namen eventually decided on the terms of surrender: Jizu and his ministers would pledge complete obeisance to Emperor Erishi and cease all resistance. In exchange, the people of Na Thion would be spared. When Tanno Namen and his army march through the open gates, Jizu stands in the middle of the street and lights himself on fire, proclaiming: "And now, my loyal ministers, you'll get the symbol you wished for. I will await you on the other side."

Chapter 16: "Your Majesty"

Dimu: The Fourth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Tanno Namen is camped on one side of the Liru River and Huno Krima is on the other side. Krima is busy building his palace and forcing his slaves to build faster. Eventually Krima becomes paranoid that there are imperial spies all through his army and starts randomly accusing people. Ratho Miro and Dafiro Miro ask each other if they should leave, but Ratho wanted to stay. At this point, Tanno Namen struck. The imperial soldiers attacked Dimu and when they did, they killed most of the soldiers. Huno Krima escaped on a carriage, but the driver, who was one of the original Corvee labor gang that rebelled, killed him.

Chapter 17: The Gates of Zudi

Caruza and Zudi: The Fourth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

King Thufi and the other kings of the Tiro States are having a Council of War. Thufi tries to restore order after the representatives of Faca, Rima, and Haan argue over what lands are theirs. When he gets a chance to talk, he tells them that they should focus on the empire of Xana but they just return to arguing.

Kuni Garu, Jia Matiza, Cogo Yelu, Than Carucono, and Mün Çakri are having a picnic outside of Zudi. After eating, Than stands up and asks "why are there white flags over the city?" When Kuni arrives back at Zudi the man on top of the walls explains the situation. He says that the people had a vote and they decided to turn the city to imperial control so that Tanno Namen will have mercy on them when he arrives. As Kuni rides away from the gates, he says "Tell everyone that I understand their decision, even if I don't agree. But you haven't seen the last of Kuni Garu." Later that night, around the campfire a strange man walks out of the woods, announcing himself as Luan Zya a man of Haan. Kuni suddenly recognizes him and blurts out "You are the man that tried to kill the emperor". (See Chapter 1, A Assassin)

Chapter 18: Luan Zya

Ginpen: Before The Xana Conquest

Luan Zya was the son of the Chief Augur of Ginpen. When Xana attacked, his father was the one who devised the mirrors that effectively burned the Xana Airships. But Haan could not hold back Xana forever. When Ginpen was finally captured his father sent him away with a servant. None of the rest of his family survived the fall of Ginpen. Luan Zya then plotted how to kill Emperor Mapidere. He eventually decided on trying to make a kite. When he finally perfected this, he attempted to kill the emperor, but the captain of the guards shoved the emperor out of the way at the last second. After this Luan was hunted all over Dara. He escaped to Tan Adu for a few years until the search faded away. When he went back to mainland Dara, he still disguised himself and traveled around. One day he met a old fisherman on a pier. The fisherman's shoes had fallen off and he told Luan to get them. After he returned, the fisherman said "you are not so arrogant as to be unteachable. Come here first thing tomorrow, and I might have something for you." Luan Zya showed up the next day before the first strike of the temple bells, but the fisherman was there. The fisherman told him to come back next week and to arrive before him. So Luan showed up before the sun rose but the man was still there. The man told him "One last chance." So the next week Luan camped on the pier all night. When the fisherman showed up, two hours before sunrise, he gave Luan a book. The fisher man says "Understanding nature is as close as men can get to understanding the gods." As Luan Zya flips through the book some of the blank second half fills up with words. The old man explains that the book grows as he grows in knowledge. Luan Zya calls the book Gitre Uthu which means "know thyself". As Luan traveled around Dara he wrote lots of things in his book.

Chapter 19: Brothers

Caruza: The Fourth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Kuni Garu and Luan Zya talk late through the night. In the morning, Luan tells Kuni his plans to try and serve King Cosugi of Haan.

When Kuni arrives to talk with King Thufi he asks for men to retake Zudi. Just as Thufi did with Huno Krima he acknowledges Kuni's self-proclaimed title of Duke, and sends Kuni to talk to Marshal Zyndu. When Kuni walks into the room, he is shocked by Mata Zyndu's size. After accidentally calling Mata general, he introduces himself to Phin Zyndu. After talking with the Zyndu's, Mata begins to like Kuni, and Phin agrees to send 5,000 troops with Mata and Kuni to retake Zudi. When the people in charge of Zudi see Kuni and his army coming back, the quickly imprison Lieutenant Dosa, the one who turned the city over to imperial control, and open the gates. Mata wants to kill Dosa, but Kuni decided to spare his life, knowing he would have done the same in his place.

Dafiro Miro and Ratho Miro decide to join Zudi force. After Kuni made it clear that anybody from the Krima-Shigin Expeditionary Force many of the rebels gathered at Zudi. Ratho admires Mata, and thinks that he is a lord worth fighting.

Chapter 20: Forces of the Air

Rui: The Fifth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Kindo Marana is at the Mount Kiji Air Base. When he saw the state of disrepair there, he immediately executed the administrator and all of his friends. It took a month for him to get the place restaffed and running again. When he asks how many airships would be ready in a month, the response is 10-12.

Chapter 21: Before the Storm

Zudi: The Sixth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Mata Zyndu and Kuni Garu are at The Splendid Urn. Mata does not like the sour taste of the wine since he is used to the finer wines at the Zyndu castle. When Kuni proposes a game of "Fools Mirror" everybody agrees. Fools mirror is a game in which people compare themselves to a category of things. If everybody else thinks that that is true, they drink to it. If they don't the person drinks to it. Kuni chooses the category, flowers. Rin Coda compares to a night-blooming cereus. After explaining his reasoning, they agree that "the comparison is apt". Next is Mün Çakri who compares himself to the prickly cactus. Everyone drinks. Cogo Yelu compares himself to a snapping flytrap, but Kuni insists that he is the stout bamboo that holds up Zudi's civil service. Kuni then compares himself to the dandelion stating that it is never arrogant, it is medicinal, it is hard to take away, and it spreads itself. After this is Mata, who compares himself to the chrysanthemum, saying: "The Zyndu's have always compared themselves to the chrysanthemum."

Chapter 22: Battle of Zudi

Zudi: The Sixth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Puma Yemu is a robber, and when he figured out that Zudi was still trading, he settled in the Er-Me Mountains. When he attacks a caravan, soldiers spill out of the wagons and surround the robbers. A tall man stands in front of Puma saying: "There is no doubt your outlaw days are over." When Yemu tries to fight Mata Zyndu, Mata easily beats him. As they get back to Zudi, Mata wants to kill Puma Yemu, but Kuni Garu disagrees. Kuni realizes that Puma could be a great addition to their army, because he is a leader and a great horseman. When Tanno Namen's army comes, Kuni has to shut the gates to helpless citizens outside. As Namen launches his all out attack, Kuni is frozen in indecision. The Zudi soldiers, seeing Kuni, begin to panic. But Mata climbs to the top of the wall, and starts destroying the Xana soldiers. Kuni realizes that he should fight with Mata, and rushes up onto the wall himself. After repelling that attack, Zudi holds out for a few weeks. Every day, Kuni holds "victory banquets" for the soldiers who did well in that day's fighting, which Mata doesn't understand. When Kuni and Mata refuse to come out and fight Namen on the plains, they send Puma Yemu to harass the imperial army. They would raid the supplies and food, while not staying long enough to fight. Mata eventually agrees to pardon Yemu, and Kuni convinces Mata to recommend Yemu for the title of Marquess of Porin.

Namen finally decides that a siege is not going to work, so he sends some battle kites over the walls of Zudi to drop pamphlets that ridicule Kuni and Mata by comparing them to women. Kuni thinks it is funny, but Mata can't stand it. Mata wants to go out of Zudi's protective walls and fight Namen, but Kuni won't let him. Kuni has a idea though, to let Mata fight. He makes a giant battle kite for Mata to use, then sends him up to fight with Xana's battle kites. On the ground, Dafiro Miro and Ratho Miro are watching. Dafiro comments that he wishes that nobles would do that sort of thing more often, and Ratho replies that he thinks Mata is brave and a worthy general. When no more Xana troops rise to fight Mata, the soldiers of Zudi start ridiculing the imperial army, comparing them to women. When Kuni realizes that the women who are on the wall are cringing, he makes a speech. He talks about how women can be courageous, and starts a new method of ridicule, age. After holding out, Phin Zyndu comes to save Zudi. The imperial soldiers are routed.

Chapter 23: The Fall of Dimu

Dimu: The Seventh Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

After Kuni Garu and Mata Zyndu push the imperial troops attacking Zudi they combine with Phin Zyndu's forces to retake Dimu. When they arrive, the people inside decided that they don't want to be under rebel control after what happened with Huno Krima. Mata says that for every day Dimu kept on resisting, he would kill one-hundred prominent citizens of Dimu. Eventually, the mines under the city work. Tanno Namen and the rest of his army, managed to fight their way to the docks, where they were picked up by a imperial transport. Mata then carried out his threat over Kuni's strenuous objections. Then a letter arrives from Jia Matiza saying that Kuni's son is alive and well. Mata and Kuni both celebrate this fact.

Chapter 24: Battle of Arulugi

Arulugi: The Seventh Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Princess Kikomi feels trapped by her beauty. She feels like she has to be a symbol. When Xana attacks Arulugi, Kindo Marana easily destroys Aruguli's navy. After capturing Muning, Kikomi tries to seduce Marana but he sees through her deception. He gives her a proposal, which if she agrees, Arulugi will be spared. If she doesn't, Aruguli will be burned and Muning destroyed.

Later, on a imperial airship traveling to Pan, Cano Tho finds that his bindings are loose. He frees himself and kills the rest of the airship's crew. He then frees Kikomi and her father King Ponadomu. Kikomi says that they should go to Caruza.

Chapter 25: "It is a Horse"

Pan: The Eighth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Goran Pira decides that Lugo Crupo has lots of power, but he, Pira, should be the one to seize the throne from Emperor Erishi. Whenever Crupo wants to see the emperor, he is busy. Crupo is annoyed at the way that he runs the empire, but he still has to report to emperor Erishi. Pira starts devising a plan to get rid of Crupo. He starts collecting some of the scrap scrolls that Crupo uses to practice his calligraphy. Once he has enough, he crafts a poem that says bad stuff about the emperor. Crupo is thrown into prison. A few days later, Pira comes down and tries to get him to sign some papers, when Crupo refuses, Pira tortures him. After signing the papers, Pira leaves him alone. Later, some guards come and talk with Crupo asking if Pira tortured him. Crupo says he did, and that the confession was not true. Later, Pira comes back and tortures Crupo more, revealing that the guards were his men. After signing the documents again, some more guards visit him, asking if the confession is true. Crupo says that the confession is true and that he had not been tortured. But those guards were actual guards, sent by the emperor. The emperor then orders to kill Lugo Crupo.

Since Goran Pira is the new prime minister, he gives the orders for the army. He tells the army to group up on The Wolf's Paw.

Chapter 26: The Princeps's Promise

Caruza: The Ninth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

As King Thufi watches the ambassadors and kings of the Tiro States argue. He decides something must be done. He nominates himself princeps. He says that all the tiro states must focus on supporting Gan in the battle at The Wolf's Paw.

Meanwhile, Kuni Garu and Jia Matiza are spending time together outside of Caruza. Mata Zyundu comes to visit, and they talk. Mata reveals that the princeps said that whoever captures Emperor Erishi will be made the king of Gefica. Mata says that he wants his uncle, Phin Zyundu to stay home, while he leads the troops on the wolf's paw. But the more time Mata spends with Princess Kikomi, the more he thinks less of battle and tactics.

Chapter 27: Kikomi

Caruza: The Ninth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Mata Zyndu is in love with Princess Kikomi. At the same time, his uncle Phin Zyndu thinks Kikomi wants him and not Mata. Phin sends Mata to fight on The Wolf's Paw while he stays home. One night, while Kikomi is with Phin for the night. Kikomi kills Phin, completing her mission with Kindo Marana. Marana made her do it to save Amu and Muning. Later, Dafiro Miro and Ratho Miro are separated when Daf goes with Kuni Garu and Rat goes with Mata to the wolf's paw.

Chapter 28: Luan Zya's Plan

Zudi: The Tenth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

While Kuni Garu is grieving, Luan Zya comes to him with a plan. Luan convinces Kuni to attack Pan while Tanno Namen's forces are away, and then wait for Mata Zyndu's help to hold the city. Dafiro Miro is with Kuni, and he is still sad at being parted from his brother. Even though they are parted, Daf would rather be with Kuni then Mata. As they travel to Canfin, Daf notices that no messengers were sent out to King Thufi to alert him of their presence. The soldiers all board three ships, and sail away from the mainland. They arrive at Tan Adü, where savages live. The Adüans welcome Luan back, and he brings Kuni to talk to Chief Kyzen Kyzen asks Kuni why the Adüans should help Kuni, but after talking, Kyzen agrees to help Kuni. The Adüans call giant Cruben from the sea, and the soldiers ride on them to Rui. After telling the shocked soldiers that Pan has fallen, they take ten airships and fly to Pan. When they get there they descend to the palace. All the soldiers go inside the palace and kill the guards. Daf and Kuni find the Emperor first, and the rest of the guards surrender after that.

Chapter 29: Battle of Wolf's Paw

Wolf's Paw: The Tenth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Mata Zyndu is still furious at Princess Kikomi for betraying him and Phin Zyndu. He is also angry at King Thufi because he hasn't been promoted to the position of Marshal. Meanwhile, Torulu Pering and General Pashi Roma are talking about the state of the war. The rebels have lost a battle at the Ogé Islands, have regrouped at Toaza on Wolf's Paw. A fleet of Imperial ships and airships is headed to Toaza and the airships will cause trouble, so the rebels prepare exploding lanterns. As the airships fly into Toaza to try bombing King Dalo's palace, the lanterns float up and explode the airships. The Imperial army retreats, but only after heavy losses.

The Imperial forces retreat and seem to be heading to the other side of Wolf's Paw. Torulu Pering hatches a plan that will allow the rebel forces to be able to overwhelm Kindo Marana's forces on land. They will trap the Imperial forces on the isthmus between the big toe and the mainland. This would allow the rebels to be able to fend off the superior numbers of the Imperial forces. General Roma waits for Marana to advance on land, but he doesn't. Marana sent a messenger to King Shilué of Faça, trying to persuade him to stop helping Cocru in the war. A similar messenger talks to King Dalo of Gan. This messenger persuades the fickle king to withdraw Gan's forces from the upcoming battle on Wolf's Paw.

Pering visits Mata, trying to persuade him to fight in the upcoming battle and to act as commander-in-chief. Mata is hesitant at first, but after thinking of how Kuni Garu became a duke by acting like one, he decides to. At the barricades where the Cocru soldiers wait, suddenly the Imperial army attacks. Marana had wisely used the month that General Roma's indecision had allowed them by digging under the Cocru barricades. When the Cocru defenders retreat, they find the Faça camp deserted. General Roma orders a complete retreat back to Toaza, but it is already being abandoned by King Dalo, who is requisitioning the fleet into transports for his treasure and men. General Roma is disheartened at King Dalo's betrayal, and wishes he wouldn't have given Marana time to tear the alliance apart when he spots a armada of ships heading into the harbor.

The armada turns out to be Mata's soldiers and ships. They quickly block off the harbor and prevent King Dalo from escaping with his treasure-laden ships. Mata talks to General Roma and tells him to immediately attack the Imperial forces. Roma instantly tells Mata that he is commanding them to retreat. Mata promptly burns all the ships and makes a heroic speech, telling all the soldiers that the only way to get off Wolf's Paw is to kill the Imperial soldiers and take their ships. Mata then turns around and runs at the Imperial forces. All his men run after him and they tear into the Imperials like a arrow. When the armies of Gan and Faça see that the Cocru soldiers are going to win, they find the courage to attack the Imperials, and join the fight. When the Imperial armada arrives at Toaza, they are blocked out by all the burning ships.

On the big toe, Marana and Tanno Namen plan to surrender. Namen bids his last farewell to Marana, then kills himself by falling on his sword. Mata accepts their surrender, then reflects that he is so much better then all that Xana has thrown at him.

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Chapter 30: Master of Pan

Pan: The Eleventh Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

After Emperor Erishi surrendered to Kuni Garu, Luan Zya talks to Kuni. He tells Kuni that he is going to leave and serve Haan. Kuni is sad to see him go but he realizes why he has to leave. Kuni has to then face the problem of all the Imperial soldiers. Rin Coda suggests a idea, and though Than Carucono and Mün Ćakri object, Cogo Yelu agrees with Rin, and Kuni accepts the idea. Soon it was heard by the Imperial soldiers that they would be allowed to loot Pan if they don't kill anybody. The surrendered soldiers soon realize that Kuni will actually let them loot Pan, and they go right at it.

While the looting is going on, Kuni wanders the palace. When he finds the women's quarter, he stays there for ten days. At the end of the ten days, Rin comes and talks Kuni into taking responsibility again. Kuni doesn't listen to Rin, even when Rin asks him what Jia Matiza, Kuni's wife would think. Cogo, Mün, and Than come to Kuni, and pry the women off him. They remind him of everything that people have done to get him here. Kuni sees how much of a bad decision he made. Kuni then pronounces that the looting will end. The common people suddenly see Kuni as their liberator, and are indebted to him. Meanwhile, Rin decides that he will not send a message to Mata Zyndu like Kuni asked him to. He will wait to see how what will happen.

Chapter 31: The Slaughter

Wolf's Paw: The Eleventh Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

While Kuni Garu is celebrating in Pan, Mata Zyndu is still on Wolf's Paw. He declared himself the Marshal of Cocru. A old woman comes to visit Mata one day and says that she can speak to Tazu. She tells Mata that Tazu can help him get off of Wolf's Paw. She whispers something to Mata that causes him to step back in surprise. He says that he won't do what she says. Mata then orders his soldiers to make a fleet of ships. Suddenly, during the night that the ships are finished, a big storm flew through Toaza's harbor. It destroyed all the ships that Mata made. Mata realizes that he should have listened to the old woman, but he orders a new fleet of ships to be built. This time, the surrendered Imperial soldiers will be able to buy their freedom by building ships and joining Mata's army. When the ships are done, all the soldiers file into the bowels of the ships. When the ships sailed out of Toaza Harbor, the soldiers grow nervous when they don't hear anything after a few hours. They suddenly realize that the ship is full of only Imperial soldiers, and all the soldiers above them have left the ship. Then suddenly go down Tazu's whirlpool.

Tazu, now satisfied by Mata's sacrifice, fulfills his part of the deal by destroying all the Imperial ships blocking access from mainland Dara. All of Mata's advisers except for Torulu Pering are shocked at Mata's decision. Mata explains that he is repaying the debt that Xana's Gotha Tonyeti started when he buried Cocru soldiers alive. The advisers accept that Mata will do whatever he wants, with or without reason.

Chapter 32: The Housekeeper

Outside Çaruza: The Twelfth Month in the Fourth Year of The Reign of Righteous Force

Jia Matiza is overwhelmed by all the things she has to take care of. She has to take care of her children, and all the servant girls who were orphaned by the war. Even though Otho Krin is there, he can only help Jia so much. Jia realized that she had been letting things slip out of her control, so she decides to hire a housekeeper. Soon, a woman named Soto appears at Jia's door, asking to be the housekeeper. She immediately impressed Jia by her non-ingratiating manner. After being hired, she turns out to be a very good housekeeper. Jia and Soto soon grow to be friends. Soto seems to be quiet about her past, and Jia is too polite to press her on it. After a few rare times when they talk about politics, Jia asks Soto to not talk about politics anymore, but Soto responds "You are a political wife, whether you want to be or not".

Chapter 33: The Real Master of Pan

Géjira: The First Month in the First Year of The Principate

After Tanno Namen and Kindo Marana surrendered, Mata Zyndu faced almost no opposition from the rest of the Imperial forces. Mata is somewhat worried that no news has been heard of Pan, and Kuni Garu is missing from Zudi, but he is not overly worried. When Mata tries to lead his army through Thoco Pass, Kuni's guards stop Mata from getting through. Mata is outraged by Kuni's seeming act of treachery and is furious. Mata writes a sarcastic letter to Kuni, and when Kuni hears it, he is scared, and demands to know who blocked Thoco Pass. When Rin Coda tells Kuni what he did, Kuni is not sure what to do, so he sends for Luan Zya. Luan advises Kuni to leave the city, and so Kuni evacuates with all the soldiers that want to follow him. When Mata arrives at Pan, he allows his soldiers to loot it, and kill the citizens if they want. Mata then kills Emperor Erishi, and burns Pan. While Mata is surveying the streets, he sees a woman singing. He sends Ratho Miro to see who she is, and she says her name is Mira. Her brother was one of the first eight-hundred to follow Mata. Mata says he will take care of her since her brother followed him faithfully.

Chapter 34: The Banquet

Pan: The Third Month in the First Year of The Principate

Now that Mata Zyndu has ended the empire, he decides to give out rewards to all the rebel leaders who followed him faithfully. Kuni Garu receives a invitation to the banquet from Mata. His advisers are conflicted about what he should do, but Luan Zya tells Kuni that no matter what he actually meant to do, his actions will be interpreted differently. Kuni decides to bring Luan and Mün Çakri with him. Kuni and Luan are seated farthest from Mata, while Mün is seated outside. Mata gives a speech about taking down the Xana empire, but he ridicules Kuni for sneaking into Pan while he fought. Kuni responds that he always meant to help Mata by taking Pan, and by possibly saving tons of lives. Kuni partly convinces Mata that all he did was not only for himself. Torulu Pering sees that the situation is not in Mata's favor, so he tries to kill Kuni. Mün comes in and defuses the situation, but Kuni decides to leave. Kuni's men look for a attack from Mata, but apparently Mata is satisfied.

Chapter 35: A New World

Pan: The Fifth Month in the First Year of The Principate

Mata Zyndu, accompanied by Torulu Pering is assigning the territories of Dara. He splits Dara into many different Tiro states, assigning people to different states at random. He assigns Kuni Garu Dasu, where Kindo Marana can watch him from Xana. He would keep Kuni's wife, Jia Matiza, and his kids at Caruza, to guarantee Kuni's good behavior. Luan Zya is not coming with Kuni, but instead serving King Cosugi, and trying to rebuild Haan. Dafiro Miro and Ratho Miro get a chance to talk with each other and catch up with each other. They are sad that they have to leave each other again, but they will not abandon their leaders.

Chapter 36: Dasu

Dasu: The Sixth Month in the First Year of The Principate

When Kuni Garu arrives at Dasu, the first thing he does is burn all his ships. This shows the watching Kindo Marana that he doesn't have any plans to leave Dasu anytime soon. Kuni tells all his men that he is sad he can't give them more, and that all he has to hand out now is lavish titles. He is tired of the war. Jia Matiza, Kuni's wife, just received a letter from Kuni. He sent just a generic letter, but he hid his real message in dandelion ink. "I'm coming home, my beloved, center of my heart."

Chapter 37: A Visit Home

Outside Çaruza: The Seventh Month in the First Year of The Principate

It is heard in Daye that Kuni Garu is sick. Kindo Marana reports to Mata Zyndu that Kuni seems to have no ambition. Meanwhile, in Çaruza, a beggar shows up at Jia Matiza's house. Otho Krin doesn't recognize him at first, but when he sees who it is, he immediately lets him in. Things are awkward between Jia and Kuni at first, but Soto helps them smooth it out. Jia tells Kuni that he needs to get a new wife, and while Kuni at first refuses, he eventually sees the sense in her plan and agrees.

Chapter 38: Risana

Outside Çaruza: The Seventh Month in the First Year of The Principate

One day Kuni Garu goes out with Soto to get some fresh food. While outside, a fifty-chief recognizes Kuni as "Fin Crukedori" from when Kuni was young. Kuni immediately leaves, and takes shelter in a cottage. A young woman helps him by convincing the soldiers that Kuni is not there. When Kuni questions her later about it, she shows him that she can partly control smoke, and use it to make people more willing to her suggestions. Kuni likes Risana because she tells everything as it is. He realizes that he is so surrounded by politics that he can't trust anything people say anymore, and spending time is refreshing. After spending two weeks with Risana, Kuni asks her to come with him to Dasu, and she accepts.

Chapter 39: Letters

Dasu and Outside Çaruza: The Ninth Month in the First Year of The Principate

(This chapter is told through Letters Kuni Garu and Jia Matiza send to each other, I'll just be summarizing the entire chapter as a whole, without addressing each letter).

Since Kuni and Risana are holding their wedding in Dasu, Jia is smuggling maps and engineering plans for mills in through the wedding presents. After the wedding, Kuni turns to administrating Dasu. Working with Cogo Yelu, he finds numerous ways to spread parts of Dasu through the rest of Dara. Cogo has repeatedly gone over to Rui and visited Kindo Marana. After talking about taxes a few times, Marana is convinced Kuni is no threat. A few weeks later, Cogo suddenly goes missing. A week later, Cogo suddenly returns like nothing has happened, he explains that he was chasing down a person Kuni couldn't afford to lose, a man named Gin Mazoti. After hearing Kuni's story, Kuni goes to Cogo's house to see Gin. When he gets there, he realizes that Gin is a woman.

Chapter 40: Gin Mizoti

Dimushi: A Long Time Ago

Gin Mazoti never knew her father or her mother. As she grew up she quickly became a thief to keep herself alive. After traveling around with numerous gangs, she was fed by a old woman. She tells Gin that she feeds hers o that she doesn't have to steal. Gin then goes to the port of Dimushi and gets a job working as a errand boy. The dockmaster there takes a interest in her, and teaches her strategy, and that you can't solve every fight by fighting. She soon learned that she could command soldiers very well. She traveled all around Dara but nobody seemed interested in her talents. Eventually she joined Kuni Garu's army, but couldn't find a way to see him. While being publicly whipped for insubordination, Cogo Yelu notices her, and after conversing, he orders her to be set free, and plays a strategy game against her. She wins, against all odds, and convinces Cogo to bring her to Kuni.

Chapter 41: The Marshal

Chapter 42: The Dandelion Ripens

Chapter 43: First Strike

Chapter 44: The Cruben in Deep Sea

Chapter 45: Dasu and Cocru

Chapter 46: Mata's Counterattack

Chapter 47: The Standoff at Liru River

Chapter 48: The Marshal's Gambit

Chapter 49: The Temptation of Gin Mizoti

Chapter 50: Glory of the Chrysanthemum

Chapter 51: The Coronation