The Wall of Storms (geography)

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The Wall of Storms is a large-scale weather phenomenon present in the world of Dara. It is manifested by a seemingly impenetrable row of cyclone-like sea storms which encircle the islands of Dara.

Discovery and History

The Wall of Storms is mentioned in ancient Ano texts, of which many were combed through in an attempt to gain as much information as possible to outfit the exploratory fleet of Emperor Mapidéré with enough information to reach the 'land of immortals.'

The first modern sighting of the Wall of Storms occurred during the exploratory expeditions featuring the city-ships of Emperor Mapidéré. The voyage, progressing north from Dasu in search of the so-called 'land of the immortals', was helmed by Admiral Krita. As the city-ship fleet approached the Wall, many of the crew deserted the ships, sensing impending doom, but eventually, a few of the storms parted, allowing passage of the fleet into the seas beyond. Eventually, the survivors of this fleet arrived in the lands of Ukyu & Gondé.

Two decades later, Luan Zya's expeditions in the seas several weeks north of Dasu led him and his small crew to the Wall of Storms in a similar manner to that of Admiral Krita. After allowing his crew members to return to Dara, Luan Zya crashes his small airship into the ocean, having miraculously survived passage through the Wall. Refashioning the airship into a makeshift raft, Zya is carried by underwater currents around the external periphery of the Wall for several months, surveying the circulation patterns of the Wall, until he too finally lands on the coast of Ukyu.

Following the initial contact of Dara explorers with the Lyucu, various Lyucu expeditions to the Wall of Storms in search of Dara were carried out with little result, apart from the determination that the Wall of Storms apparently formed a protective ring around Dara. Upon the arrival of Luan Zya in the lands of the Lyucu and their realization that Zya had been compiling his observations on the opening cycles of the Wall of Storms in Gitré Üthu, large scale invasion parties including city-ships housing garinafins were sent to take advantage of predicted openings in the Wall north of Dasu.